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3D Rookie Cop

3D Rookie Cop

Game Name: 3D Rookie Cop

Game Description:

You just went to the police academy and you started taking driving classes. Improve your
driving skills continuously to prove to your superiors that you have got what it takes do
be a good cop and driver. Test your skills in four difficult levels with a lot of
obstacles that can put you in tricky situations. Avoid the oil stains from the road,
because you will lose control over your police car and risk causing an accident. Be
clever, take the money you find on the road and use them to buy upgrades for your car. A
better acceleration, handling top speed and braking will guarantee you will pass the
driving test and become the most successful driver in the entire police academy. Good luck
and enjoy!
Controls: Use arrow keys to drive.

Game Category: Car Games

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3D Rookie Cop